Roger was born on the small West Indian island of Antigua. His parents, the late Adolphus Daniel Skepple and his widow Ineta Skepple, moved the family to Kingston Ontario Canada when he was only two and half years old. There he grew up and went to school. Upon graduating from high school having majored in science and mathematics Roger decided to go to Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, New York, a one year program, before he would begin a degree in Electrical Engineering. While there he was called to the ministry and decided to attend Liberty University to train for the ministry.

Roger graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion with a major in Pastoral Ministry and a minor in Biblical Studies. After which he attended his Masters Degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1991, double majoring in New Testament Literature and Exegesis and Systematic Theology Studies. He began post-graduate work in the Doctor of Philosophy program at Dallas Theological Seminary in 1994 and continued in that program until he and his family, Teresa and their four children, relocated to Atlanta Georgia.

Before becoming the Senior Pastor of Berean Bible Baptist Church in May of 1998, Roger was active in ministry at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, where Roger was ordained for the ministry in 1991. Roger has experience in serving as an interim pastor and conference speaker, has served on several different levels of the ministry at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship throughout his eight years there, including responsibilities for adult ministries, such as Singles, Single Parents, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship’s Lay Institute, etc., and completed his tenure at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship as the Associate Pastor of Christian Education (5 years), where Dr. Anthony T. Evans is the co-founder and senior pastor.
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The Doctrines of Grace

Roger Skepple
In Doctrines of Grace, Roger Skepple takes you through the awesome process that God uses in saving someone. This book will address such important issues as: The Atonement, Eternal Security, Election and Total Depravity...

Foundation of Spiritual Growth

Roger Skepple
The pursuit of growth is one of the most important areas of the Christian’s life. In fact, the true nature of one’s commitment to Christ is seen in the bearing of fruit. Christ, Himself, said that “you would know them by their fruit.”

Life in the Vine

Roger Skepple
The Upper Room Discourse was not only the context of one of the greatest acts of humility ever demonstrated in human history, the washing of the disciples’ feet by Jesus Christ, it was also the context of the most definitive explanation of the result of saving faith, the parable of the Vine and the Branches...

Glory Road

Co-Authored by Roger Skepple
Ten African-American leaders in the church tell their stories of how they embraced Reformed theology and what effect it has had on their lives and ministries.

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